Strawberries rot if
left pressed up
against one another
for too long.

It does not mean
you have done
anything wrong.

I thought about
telling you this
the last time I
saw you.

Everything rots,
in the end.

it’s really nothing new, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

(via primal-fears)

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You can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that it’s him. Ten Word Story, Meghan Hale (via m-e-ghan)
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I was running from myself, and I ran into you. 10 word story (via thebeachthing)
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I’ve devoted half of my time to not thinking about you but that just leads me to waking up at 4 am every fucking night because you were crawling back into my head and I’ve cut off all of my long hair because I sware I could still feel your fingers running through it. this is really bad but it’s late and I’m hazy with thoughts of you (via acidyou)
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1. after you left I didn’t sleep for days because I would wake up screaming for you untill I was numb
2. I didn’t even try to see you again because I couldn’t stand to see you with your arm slung around another girl 3. I started smoking and I’m really sorry because you always told me the smell choked you untill you couldn’t breath; but then again that’s what you did to me 4. I keep telling my friends I’ll be happy soon that this is just a “dumb and expected break up” but they know I’m lying 5) I’m mad at you because you’re out there existing and you left me wanted to be non-existent 6. you always hated poetry because you said it took to long to read and it was boring witch is kind of ironic because now I’m sitting here thinking about the perfect poem to write about you 7. I keep pushing myself up aginst the wall when I try to sleep because I’m expecting you to crawl into bed with me 8. I was in the hospital last week; they said the first thing I said when I woke up was your name. 9. I was back in the hospital 2 days ago because my mom found me laying on the bathroom floor, bloody and drunk 10. I met someone, he makes me happy 11. he left because I was to broken up over you to even put my trust into another guy without having a panic attack things I never told you. (via acidyou)
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1. I don’t want to feel sick every morning when I wake up and roll over and face someone who’s not you.

2. I don’t want to get in fights with my bestfriends because they said “I fucking told you so”

3. I don’t want my throat to bleed at 4 in the morning because I yell your name in my sleep.

4. my moms been trying to get me out of bed but I just lay there in puddles of my own tears because my pillow still smells like you and I don’t want you to be fully gone.

5. I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times

6. I fucking know that I’m not supposed to get so worked up about one person but I’m rotting inside with out you because my breath was so dependent on the way your fingers curled around my neck when we kissed

7. I used to love the smell after rain but now I can’t even get a wiff of it without gagging because you were a storm and you left that smell clogged in my nose and stuffed in every crevice of my lungs

8. my writings got so shitty without you being here because my hand shakes and my words are so jumbled up

9. I had to skip class because you and your new girlfriends always pass notes in that class and I can’t stand not knowing what’s on that note because what if you’re telling her you love her and that you’re favorite color is the blue of her eyes. my eyes are green.

10. we met in winter and now I can’t even eat popcicles without tasting bitter white snow flakes on my tounge.

10 reasons I don’t want to fall in love. (via acidyou)
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I’ve heard of writers block but, you are not writers block you are the mornings I wake up at two am sobbing because my thoughts consume of you and who wants to read dumb poems about how you make me want to scream everytime I see you.
you are all of the broken glasses that I have thrown across the kitchen because I couldn’t drink tea without hearing you laugh and tell me how I am 70% tea and who wants to read about metaphors that I wrote comparing you to stars because your kisses burn holes into my tounge and leave a bad taste in my mouth.
and I guess it dosent matter because this poem is about you and, who would want to read such a dumb thing. you have left me with dumb poems and broken ribs (via acidyou)
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